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S75. KEYNOTE LECTURE: Basic concept for the understanding of cancer mediated immune rejection
  1. F Marincola1 and
  2. E Wang2
  1. Aff1 grid.467063.00000000403974222Sidra Medical and Research Center Doha Qatar
  2. Aff2 grid.467063.00000 0004 0397 4222Sidra Medical and Research CenterResearch Branch Doha Qatar

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Meeting abstracts


Cancer is a multi-genic, complex biological phenomenon and its growth is affected by various categories of factors including the genetics of the host, the accumulating genetic alteration within cancer cells and environmental modifiers.

Material and methods

Therefore, to identify the determinants of immune-mediated tumor rejection during immunotherapy, a systematic and comprehensive monitoring approach needs to be applied that covers the various categories at a time relevant to the therapeutic intervention. In addition, a temporal dimension needs to be added to evaluate in real time the changes induced by treatment and their relationship with clinical outcome.


In this presentation, we will review the salient concepts that should guide the future monitoring of clinical trials taking advantage of novel and comprehensive technological advances presenting examples of integrated approaches for the assessment of patients' response to adoptive T cell therapy.


Our experience highlights the need to apply multi-parametric approaches for the understanding of the mechanism(s) leading to cancer rejection by the immune system in humans.