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Cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs) reversed T cells tolerance in anti-tumor immunotherapy
  1. Juan Fu1,
  2. Young Kim2,
  3. David Kanne3,
  4. Meredith Leong4,
  5. Qi Zeng2,
  6. Rupashree Sen5,
  7. Todd D Amstrong6,
  8. Charles G Drake7,
  9. Thomas Dubensky4,
  10. Drew Pardoll2 and
  11. Shekhar Gadkare2
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One important barrier to cancer immunotherapy. We used cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs) and Listeria vaccine and LPS treated HA-specific CD8 tolerance B10. D2 mice. Our results demonstrated T cells IFN-gamma increased in CDNs and Listeria vaccine plus CDNs treatment groups. But CDNs didn't significantly increase Treg cells. The data showed CDNs can reverse established T cell tolerance that improved cancer immunotherapy in the future. We will further explore T cells tolerance in cancer bearing T cell tolerance mice model in vivo.