Table of contents

December 2018 - Volume 6 - 1

Basic Tumor Immunology

Case Report

Clinical Trials Monitor

Clinical/Translational Cancer Immunotherapy


  • Immune oncology, immune responsiveness and the theory of everything (5 June, 2018)
    Tolga Turan, Deepti Kannan, Maulik Patel, J. Matthew Barnes, Sonia G. Tanlimco, Rongze Lu, Kyle Halliwill, Sarah Kongpachith, Douglas E. Kline, Wouter Hendrickx, Alessandra Cesano, Lisa H. Butterfield, Howard L. Kaufman, Thomas J. Hudson, Davide Bedognetti, Francesco Marincola, Josue Samayoa

Immunotherapy Biomarkers

Meeting Report

Microbial-Based Cancer Therapy

Position Articles and Guidelines


Short Report