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P05.02 An integrated virtual tissue platform for incorporating exercise oncology into immunotherapy
  1. A Hagar and
  2. J Aponte Serrano
  1. Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington, IN, USA


We introduce a novel in silico platform for simulating solid tumor growth and anti-tumor immune response. We present the model, test the sensitivity and robustness of its parameters, and calibrate it with pre-clinical and clinical data from exercise oncology experiments which offer a natural biological backdrop for modulation of anti-tumor immune response. We then perform two virtual experiments with the model that demonstrate its usefulness in guiding pre-clinical and clinical studies on immunotherapy. The first virtual experiment probes the intricate dynamics in the tumor microenvironment between the tumor and the infiltrating immune cells. Such dynamics is difficult to probe during a pre-clinical study as it requires significant of redundancy in lab animals and is time and labor intensive. The result is a time series of spatiotemporal observational ‘windows’ into the tumor microenvironment that can serve as a platform to test several mechanistic hypotheses on the role and dynamics of different immune cells in ant-tumor immune response. The second virtual experiment shows how dosage and frequency of immunotherapy drugs can be optimized based on the aerobic fitness of the patient, so that possible adverse side effects of the treatment can be minimized.

Disclosure Information A. Hagar: None. J. Aponte Serrano: None.

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