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O4 Mechanisms of lung cancer hyper-progression promoted by PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade
  1. A Martinez-Usatorre,
  2. E Kadioglu,
  3. C Cianciaruso,
  4. B Torchia,
  5. J Faget,
  6. E Meylan,
  7. M Schmittnaegel,
  8. I Keklikoglou and
  9. M De Palma
  1. Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC), École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland


Background Immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) with antibodies against PD-1 or PD-L1 may provide therapeutic benefits in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, most tumours are resistant and cases of disease hyper-progression have also been reported.

Materials and Methods Genetically engineered mouse models of KrasG12Dp53null NSCLC were treated with cisplatin along with antibodies against angiopoietin-2/VEGFA, PD-1 and CSF1R. Tumour growth was monitored by micro-computed tomography and the tumour vasculature and immune cell infiltrates were assessed by immunofluorescence staining and flow cytometry.

Results Combined angiopoietin-2/VEGFA blockade by a bispecific antibody (A2V) modulated the vasculature and abated immunosuppressive macrophages while increasing CD8+effector T cells in the tumours, achieving disease stabilization comparable or superior to cisplatin-based chemotherapy. However, these immunological responses were unexpectedly limited by the addition of a PD-1 antibody, which paradoxically enhanced progression of a fraction of the tumours through a mechanism involving regulatory T cells and macrophages. Elimination of tumour-associated macrophages with a CSF1R-blocking antibody induced NSCLC regression in combination with PD-1 blockade and cisplatin.

Conclusions The immune cell composition of the tumour determines the outcome of PD-1 blockade. In NSCLC, high infiltration of regulatory T cells and immunosuppressive macrophages may account for tumour hyper-progression upon ICB.

Disclosure Information A. Martinez-Usatorre: None. E. Kadioglu: None. C. Cianciaruso: None. B. Torchia: None. J. Faget: None. E. Meylan: None. M. Schmittnaegel: None. I. Keklikoglou: None. M. De Palma: None.

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