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534 Better immune profiles on elderly colorectal cancer patients correlated with 1 year diseases free survival (DFS)
  1. Budhi Ida Bagus1,
  2. Metria Ida Bagus2 and
  3. Mastini Ida Ayu Kade3
  1. 1Sebelas Maret University, Karanganyar, Indonesia
  2. 2Medical Faculty,Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia
  3. 3Moewardi General Hospital, Surakarta, Indonesia


Background Colorectal cancer is the most common gastrointestinal tract cancer, there are many factors which plays an important role on short and long term outcome prior to surgery and adjuvant therapy. For many decades, oncological factor has been state as the main of favorable outcome which could be evaluated by diseases free survival (DFS). Current study already evaluated the immune factor which has an important role on the progression on this colorectal cancer patients.

Methods We evaluated the colorectal cancer patients whose has been diagnosed as adenocarsinoma colon and rectal from operative speciments. The blood level of CRP, IL-6, IFN?, CB-8, IG G and IG M will be examined initially before the operative procedure done. All patients were stage III colorectal adeno carcinoma and adjuvant chemotherapy has been administered for six months period. The patients whose could not completed the adjuvant chemotherapy will be excluded from the study. The outcome of this study will be evaluated the 1 year disease free survival based on the abdominal CT Scan and chest x-rays.

Results There were 2 groups on this study, adults (< 60 years old) and elderly (>60 years old). 62 patients were included, 30 adults patients and 32 elderly patients has been evaluated for the immune profiles. We found the signifance difference were on the level of CRP, IL-6,IFN?, CB-8, IG G and IG M (p < 0.05). All patients had R0 resection and completed the adjuvant chemotherapy. 5 patients in the adult colorectal cancer group has locoregional and distant metastases in the lung and liver after 1 year evaluation. On the contraty, we could achieved 1 year diseases free survival in the elderly patients (p < 0.05) respectively.

Conclusions Elderly colorectal cancer patients has better immune profiles and has better 1 year disease free survival.

Ethics Approval The study has approved by Ethical Committe of Health Study Faculty of Medicine Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia. Approval number: 21457/BD/2020

Consent All of the patients already have a consent for this study

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