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141 PBMC-based cancer vaccines generated with microfluidics squeezing demonstrate synergistic and durable tumor reduction in combination with PD1 checkpoint and FAP targeted IL-2 variants
  1. Matthew Booty1,
  2. Adam Stockmann1,
  3. Olivia Pryor1,
  4. Melissa Myint1,
  5. Christine Trumpfheller2,
  6. Valeria Nicolini2,
  7. Christian Klein2,
  8. Laura Codarri2,
  9. Pablo Umana2,
  10. Armon Sharei1,
  11. Howard Bernstein1,
  12. Katherine Seidl1 and
  13. Scott Loughhead1
  1. 1SQZ Biotechnologies, Watertown, MA, USA
  2. 2Roche (pRED), Schlieren, Switzerland


Background We engineered unfractionated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) to function as antigen presenting cells (APCs) that generate potent CD8+ T cell responses. We investigated the combined efficacy of PBMC-based cancer vaccine with targeted interleukin 2 variants (IL2v); anti-Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 (muPD1-IL2v) and anti-Fibroblast Activation Protein (muFAP-IL2v).

Methods We generated PBMC-based cancer vaccine with microfluidic cell engineering system (Cell Squeeze®), which facilitates direct cytosolic antigen delivery and enables cell subsets within PBMCs to function as APCs. The immunocytokines used contain IL2v fused with antibody counterparts that enable targeting to tumor-associated stroma or immune cells (aFAP and aPD-1, respectively) with modified FcR binding. The IL2v moiety, compared with wild-type IL-2, has abolished binding to IL-2Ra (CD25) resulting in IL-2Rgb binding only, thus fully maintaining activity on NK and CD8+ T cells, while avoiding Treg activity and CD25 mediated toxicity.

Results In the murine TC-1 HPV tumor model, SQZ-PBMC-based vaccines show efficacy as monotherapy (1e6 cells administered iv on day 14 post-tumor implant), while SQZ combination therapy with targeted immunocytokines, muPD1-IL2v and muFAP-IL2v (2 mg/kg or 1 mg/kg, respectively, administered iv on days 21, 28, and 35 post-tumor implant) significantly delayed tumor growth and improved survival in murine TC-1 HPV tumor model. Median survival of combination treated groups remained undefined at day 84 post-tumor implant, while the monotherapy treated groups had calculated median survival times of 36.5, 42, and 70 days for the muFAP-IL2v, muPD1-IL2v, and SQZ monotherapy groups, respectively. Following initial tumor clearance, tumor-free mice (2/12 animals for SQZ monotherapy; 8/12 animals for SQZ with muFAP-IL2v; 11/11 animals for SQZ with muPD1-IL2v) were all re-challenged at day 84 and all remained tumor free at least 7 weeks post re-challenge, suggesting the generation of anti-tumor memory response. In a mechanistic study, SQZ-PBMCs in combination with muPD1-IL2v resulted in increased expansion of intra-tumoral, antigen-specific CD8+ T cells compared with separate administration of either therapy (~3.6-fold over SQZ alone; ~2000-fold over muPD1-IL2v alone; per mg of tumor). Combination therapy also resulted in improved IFNγ and TNFα cytokine production by SQZ-elicited CD8+ T cells (~1.7-fold and ~9-fold, respectively, over SQZ monotherapy).

Conclusions Monotherapy with SQZ-PBMC-based cancer vaccines can drive anti-tumor responses in murine systems. These responses are enhanced by combined administration of targeted immunocytokines. Monotherapy with SQZ-PBMC-HPV is currently under clinical evaluation for HPV16+ tumor indications. These preclinical data support the combination of SQZ-PBMC with FAP-IL2v or PD1-IL2v targeted immunocytokine as promising cancer immunotherapies.

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