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P02.10 FocuSCOPE: a single cell, multi-omics solution to simultaneously analyze tumor variants and microenvironment
  1. Y Arjmand Abbassi,
  2. N Fang,
  3. W Zhu,
  4. Y Zhou,
  5. Y Chen and
  6. U Deutsch
  1. Singleron Biotechnologies GmH, Köln, Germany


Recent advances of high-throughput single cell sequencing technologies have greatly improved our understanding of the complex biological systems. Heterogeneous samples such as tumor tissues commonly harbor cancer cell-specific genetic variants and gene expression profiles, both of which have been shown to be related to the mechanisms of disease development, progression, and responses to treatment. Furthermore, stromal and immune cells within tumor microenvironment interact with cancer cells to play important roles in tumor responses to systematic therapy such as immunotherapy or cell therapy. However, most current high-throughput single cell sequencing methods detect only gene expression levels or epigenetics events such as chromatin conformation. The information on important genetic variants including mutation or fusion is not captured. To better understand the mechanisms of tumor responses to systematic therapy, it is essential to decipher the connection between genotype and gene expression patterns of both tumor cells and cells in the tumor microenvironment. We developed FocuSCOPE, a high-throughput multi-omics sequencing solution that can detect both genetic variants and transcriptome from same single cells. FocuSCOPE has been used to successfully perform single cell analysis of both gene expression profiles and point mutations, fusion genes, or intracellular viral sequences from thousands of cells simultaneously, delivering comprehensive insights of tumor and immune cells in tumor microenvironment at single cell resolution.

Disclosure Information Y. Arjmand Abbassi: None. N. Fang: None. W. Zhu: None. Y. Zhou: None. Y. Chen: None. U. Deutsch: None.

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