Treatment-related adverse events

Dose (mg/kg)Grade 1, N (%)Grade 2, N (%)
Nausea4 and 82 (13.3)0
Headache41 (6.7)0
Chills81 (6.7)0
Throat tightness81 (6.7)0
Decreased WBC161 (6.7)0
Fatigue321 (6.7)2 (13.3)
Constipation321 (6.7)0
Hypersomnia3202 (13.3)
Hypophosphatemia3202 (13.3)

All adverse events at least possibly attributed to study drug are shown. There were no grade 3 or grade 4 treatment-related adverse events. Adverse event grade is according to National Cancer Institute Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events v4.0

kg kilogram

mg milligram

WBC white blood cell