Correlation of imaging and pathology with with overall survival; (R, Spearman correlation coefficient; kPa, kilopascals)

VariableAverageRangeCorrelation with Overall Survival (R)P-value
Baseline HCC size (cm)4.01.5–8.50.320.4
Change in HCC size (cm)- 0.32[− 2.2] -
Baseline HCC stiffness (kPa)5.02.4–9.1- 0.660.055
Change in HCC stiffness (kPa)0.12[− 2.1] – 2.80.810.008
Non-tumor liver stiffness (kPa)3.22.1–4.3- 0.650.056

Bold face type of numbers denotes findings are statistically significant