Multivariate Cox regression analysis of clinical parameters and serum biomarkers

ParameterCategoryHR (95% CI)P-value
ECOG statusn.a. (ordinal)3.19 (1.36–7.47)0.007*
elevated (>ULN)1.83 (0.41–8.08)
elevated (>ULN)1.73 (0.31–9.74)
Bone metastasisno10.331
yes2.02 (0.49–8.27)

Four parameters were included in the multivariate Cox regression analysis. Of these factors, ECOG status was significantly associated with overall survival in this model. Abbreviations: CI Confidence interval, n.a. not applicable, ULN Institutional upper limit of normal, LDH Lactate dehydrogenase, CRP C-reactive protein; *p<0.05.