Table 5

Immune correlatives and clinical benefit rate based on (A) metastatic tissue sample and (B) absolute lymphocyte count

(A)PD-L1 positive (n=6)PD-L1 negative (n=9)
Clinical benefit rate33.3% (n=2)22.2% (n=2)
TIL high (2+ or 3+)TIL low (0 or 1+)
Clinical benefit rate28.6% (n=2)25% (n=2)
(B)Clinical benefit (n=8)No clinical benefit (n=21)
Lymphopenia C1D125% (n=2)42.9% (n=9 of 21)
Lymphopenia C3D150% (n=4)33.3% (n=6 of 18 with data)
Lymphopenia end of treatment50% (n=4)47.6% (n=10 of 21)
  • PD-L1, programmed death-ligand 1 ; TIL, tumor infiltrating lymphocyte .