Table 1

Review of Food and Drug Administration adverse events reporting (pharmacovigilance database)

Total adverse events (nivolumab, pembrolizumab, ipilimumab)50445
Total T-cell related neoplasm AE12
Median age, years; no of patients for whom data was availablen=9
Range (minimum/maximum)65 (51-87)
CPI used
Indication for CPI use
 Lung cancer5
 Malignant melanoma3
 Hodgkin disease2
 Esophageal carcinoma1
 Renal cancer1
Time to AE, months; no of patients for whom data were availablen=7
Range (minimum/maximum)10.5 (1.33-121.5)
 Life threatening2
 Other outcome8
Year event reported
Country where event occurred
 Hong Kong1
  • AE, adverse event; CPI, checkpoint inhibitor.