Table 3

Symptom burden (PRO-CTCAE) by sex

% Reporting*
Overall n=90Male n=51Female n=39P value
 Aching muscles1212130.68
 Aching joints1718150.09
 Vision problems †343>0.95
 Fever ‡000--
 Aching muscles108110.91
 Aching joints4440.78
 Itchy skin§91250.26
 Aching muscles6470.22
 Aching joints94140.32
  • *Percentage reporting severe/very severe.

  • †Only frequency is available for vision problems in the PRO-CTCAE.

  • ‡Only frequency is available for fever in the PRO-CTCAE.

  • §Only severity of itchy skin is included in the PRO-CTCAE.

  • ¶Only severity and interference of numbness/tingling is included in the PRO-CTCAE.