Table 3

Phenotype analysis of CD19 CAR-T cells infusion products of ALL and NHL patients

ALL (n=12)NHL (n=12)P value
T cell subpopulations
γδ T cells1.0±0.80.6±1.10.140
Differentiation status
Co-stimulatory / co-inhibitory molecules
CD28 + CD3+49.5±26.744.9±24.50.663
CD28 + CD8+37±19.529±14.50.267
CD28 + CD4+12.5±1615.9±16.70.619
PD1 + CD3+30.3±13.434.5±9.70.382
PD1 + CD8+8.8±3.910.9±5.30.270
PD1 + CD4+21.5±12.323.6±10.20.652
LAG3 + CD3+26.5±11.335.5±130.082
LAG3 + CD8+19.8±1125.9±13.40.243
LAG3 + CD4+6.6±2.59.7±5.50.097
TIM3 + CD3+65.8±14.860.9±12.70.394
TIM3 + CD8+33.1±11.928.8±8.90.327
TIM3 + CD4+32.7±14.432.1±15.30.925
Chemokine receptors
CCR2 + CD3+50.7±14.950.5±15.90.982
CCR2 + CD8+31.7±14.132.2±22.70.957
CCR2 + CD4+18.9±12.718.4±12.70.915
CCR5 + CD3+10.5±8.816±15.90.303
CCR5 + CD8+2.9±3.76.1±8.20.233
CCR5 + CD4+7.6±5.410±9.50.464
CCR4 + CD3+33.6±17.236.1±11.50.682
CCR4 + CD8+14.5±10.115.9±12.70.763
CCR4 + CD4+19.1±13.420.1±11.40.838
CXCR2 + CD3+17.7±9.815.5±5.40.499
CXCR2 + CD8+4.6±7.53.8±3.50.743
CXCR2 + CD4+13.1±8.211.6±5.20.618
CXCR3 + CD3+87.4±8.279.1±11.10.047
CXCR3 + CD8+52.6±14.948.3±21.60.580
CXCR3 + CD4+34.9±13.430.8±12.60.448
  • Cells were gated on CD3+F(ab)2+ CAR-T cells. TN (naïve T cells), CD3+CD45RA+CCR7+; TCM (central memory T cells), CD3+CD45RA−CCR7+; TEM (effector memory T cells), CD3+CD45RA−CCR7−; TEMRA (T cells effector), CD3+CD45RA+CCR7−.

  • ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia; CAR-T, chimeric antigen receptor T cells; NHL, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.