Table 4

Comparison of CAR-T and TIL infusion products

TIL (n=40–88)P value
T cell subpopulations
CD8+58±1663±24 (n=88)0.386
CD4+42±1735±24 (n=88)0.200
Differentiation status
TN49±180.05±0.10 (n=88) 0.001
TCM17±142.3±2.5 (n=88) 0.001
TEM18±1396.8±3.0 (n=88) 0.001
TEMRA15±130.82±1.5 (n=88) 0.001
Co-stimulatory / co-inhibitory molecules
CD28 + CD3+47±2652±20 (n=88)0.396
PD1 + CD3+26±826±15 (n=40)0.494
LAG3 + CD3+25±1110±4 (n=40) 0.001
TIM3 + CD3+50±1561±14 (n=40)0.004
Chemokine receptors
CCR5 + CD3+12±1380±24 (n=56) 0.001
CCR4 + CD3+33±1427±12 (n=88)0.032
CXCR3 + CD3+79±1286±20 (n=88)0.076
  • Phenotype analysis of 24 CAR-T cells and 40 to 88 TIL infusion products. Cells were gated on viable cells. TIL, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, TN (naïve T cells), CD3+CD45RA+CCR7+; TCM (central memory T cells), CD3+CD45RA−CCR7+; TEM (effector memory T cells), CD3+CD45RA−CCR7−; TEMRA (effector T cells), CD3+CD45RA+CCR7−.

  • CAR-T, chimeric antigen receptor T cells.