Table 4

Best overall response (investigator assessed according to RECIST v1.1)

All patients
Best overall response, n (%)
 Complete response0
 Partial response2 (3.4)
 Stable disease22 (37.9)
 Progressive disease25 (43.1)
 Unknown9 (15.5)
Overall response rate, % (90% CI)3.4 (0.6 to 10.5)
Disease control rate, % (90% CI)41.4 (30.4 to 53.0)
  • The 90% CI was calculated using the exact (Clopper-Pearson) interval.

  • Overall response rate=complete plus partial responses; disease control rate=complete and partial responses plus stable disease.

  • Stable disease includes patients with best overall response of non-complete response/non-progressive disease.

  • RECIST, Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors.