Table 2

Characteristics of 5-year survivors

PtPrimary histologyDx - CPI (months)M stageFirst CPIPFS
Subsequent systemic RxLocalRegionalOS
Vital status
1Acral34M1aCTLA-44PD-1, chemo, trialNoneILP90DOD
2Acral14M1aCTLA-48PD-1, sorafenibSRS, surg, SBRTRT79 +NED
3Mucosal4M1cCTLA-4+PD-138 CRCTLA-4+PD-1NoneNone99+NED
4Mucosal37M1cCTLA-4+PD-118NoneSurg, SBRTRT71+NED
5Mucosal13M1bCTLA-4+PD-16NoneSRS, surgNone79+NED
6Mucosal37M1aCTLA-4+PD-135ACT, BRAF-iSurgNone82DOD
7Uveal22M1cCTLA-480 CR+PD-1*NoneNone80+NED
8Uveal167M1cCTLA-46PD-1SRS, surgRT62+NED
9Uveal44M1cCTLA-415PD-1SRSChEmb, RT67DOD
10Uveal199M1cCTLA-442 CRPD-1, trialNoneNone90+AWD
  • Ten patients with 5-year survival are shown. Dx-CPI indicates the time interval between initial diagnosis and first treatment with CPI. ‘+’ indicates ongoing CR or survival.

  • *Denotes a patient with stable disease who was started on anti-PD-1 before progression occurred.

  • AWD, alive with disease; ChEmb, hepatic chemoembolization; CPI, checkpoint inhibitor; CR, complete response; CTLA-4, cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen 4; DOD, died of disease; Dx, Diagnosis; ILP, isolated limb perfusion; NED, no evidence of disease; OS, overall survival; PD-1, programmed death 1 receptor; PFS, progression-free survival; RT, wide-field radiation therapy; Rx, treatment; SBRT, stereotactic body radiotherapy to extracranial metastases; SRS, stereotactic radiosurgery for central nervous system metastases; Surg, surgery.