Table 1

Tumor and treatment information.

IdentifierSarcoma subtypePrior treatmentSites of diseaseCell dose (×109)Vα geneCDR3 α-chainVβ geneBest tumor response
Including IFN-γ and low-dose interleukin-2
IFN#1SSA/I, trabectedinSoft tissue, lung, brain22TRAV-8*02CALSAVALGMCCITRBD1*0132% lung
IFN#2SSA/I/vincristine, Rtx/IfosLung12.9TRAV21*01CAVMGDNDMRFTRBV12-3*01N/A
  • *part of dual alpha, only this alpha sequence was productive based on tetramer staining and functional assays.

  • IFN#2, second patient; IFN-γ, interferon gamma; IFN#1, first patient; Ifos, ifosfamide; N/A, not applicable; Rtx, rituximab ; SS, synovial sarcoma.