Table 1

Multivariable Cox proportional-hazards analysis of associations of clinicopathologic and treatment characteristics with postoperative overall survival in the historical MDACC cohort (n=1524)

VariableHR95% CIP value
Neutrophil count, absolute (103 cells/µL)1.821.24 to 2.680.002
Lymphocyte count, absolute (103 cells/µL)1.500.91 to 2.480.114
Age, years1.031.02 to 1.04<0.001
Coronary artery disease1.301.02 to 1.650.036
Hypertension1.221.02 to 1.470.034
 Former/current1.421.07 to 1.870.014
Zubrod Performance Status
 1–21.311.09 to 1.580.004
ASA Classification
 42.191.18 to 4.060.013
 Squamous cell carcinoma0.990.80 to 1.220.922
 Other1.190.86 to 1.640.306
 Low1.361.12 to 1.650.002
 High0.550.41 to 0.74<0.001
Extent of resection
 Pneumonectomy1.541.04 to 2.290.031
Pathologic stage
 II1.741.41 to 2.15<0.001
 III–IV2.141.65 to 2.77<0.001
Pathologic margin
 R20.350.14 to 0.850.021
Adjuvant radiotherapy1.361.03 to 1.800.029
Neutrophil count×lymphocyte count, interaction0.770.62 to 0.960.021
  • Other variables tested include diabetes mellitus, congestive heart failure, alcohol use, operative approach (thoracoscopic vs thoracotomy), and adjuvant chemotherapy.