Table 1

Table 1Vaccine site treatment conditions by clinical trial

Skin biopsy
Sample ID
NVaccine at
VSME biopsy site
# vaccines at VSMEDate of biopsyClinical trialStudy arm/group
Control: normal skin3None00Mel481A, 2A
IFA, w13IFA only17Mel481B
IFA+P, w15MELITAC 12.1+IFA17Mel482B
pICLC+P, w14MELITAC 12.1+polyICLC17Mel582A (V0)
pICLC+IFA+P, w14MELITAC 12.1+IFA+polyICLC17Mel582C (V6)
IFA, w34IFA only322Mel481C
IFA+P, w34MELITAC 12.1+IFA322Mel482C
  • Number of evaluated samples with each vaccine site treatment condition.

  • IFA, incomplete Freund’s adjuvant; p, peptide; pICLC, poly ICLC; w1, week 1; w3, week 3.