Table 2

Associations between T-cell counts and T-cell repertoire

PopulationTCR indexmCRPCMelanoma
CorrelationP valueCorrelationP value
CD8+count at baselineClonality at baseline0.71 0.003 0.81 <0.001
CD8+count at baselineRelative clonality−0.59 0.022 −0.82 <0.001
CD8+count at baselineProportion of increase clones0.130.6480.58 0.029
CD8+count at baselineProportion of decrease clones−0.57 0.026 −0.54 0.045
CD8+ratioRelative clonality0.500.1700.55 0.041
CD8+ratioProportion of increase clones−0.220.576−0.69 0.007
CD8+ratioProportion of decrease clones0.230.5460.61 0.020
CD4+count at baselineClonality at baseline0.340.2160.280.326
CD4+count at baselineRelative clonality−0.53 0.038 −0.290.311
CD4+count at baselineProportion of increase clones0.370.1730.340.233
CD4+count at baselineProportion of decrease clones−0.380.160−0.340.220
CD4+ratioRelative clonality0.130.7320.240.418
CD4+ratioProportion of increase clones0.070.864−0.280.326
CD4+ratioProportion of decrease clones0.630.0670.240.409
  • CD8+ and CD4+ count ratios were calculated as the count in the corresponding population at on-treatment divided by that at baseline.

  • p<0.05 denoted in bold.

  • mCRPC, metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer; TCR, T-cell receptors.