Table 1

Univariate and multivariate overall survival Cox proportional hazards regression including ICR cluster and stage, in all samples, ICR-enabled, ICR-disabled and ICR-neutral samples

VariablesUnivariateMultivariateStratified multivariate
HR (95% CI)P valueHR (95% CI)P valueHR (95% CI)P value
ICR overall (n=4735)
 ICR cluster (ICR low vs high)1.203 (1.081 to 1.339)0.00073***1.232 (1.093 to 1.390)0.00067***1.217 (1.079 to 1.373)0.00143**
 Stage/grade1.839 (1.731 to 1.954)<2e-16***1.838 (1.729 to 1.952)†<2e-16***Strata
Samples from ICR-enabled cancer types (n=1742)
ICR cluster (ICR low vs high)1.631 (1.374 to 1.937)2.26e-8***1.488 (1.233 to 1.795)3.35e-05***1.494 (1.238 to 1.804)2.94e-05***
 Stage1.817 (1.644 to 2.008)<2e-16***1.798 (1.628 to 1.987)†<2e-16***Strata
Samples from ICR-disabled cancer types (n=721)
 ICR cluster (ICR low vs high)0.6194 (0.480 to 0.799)0.000229***0.7702 (0.591 to 1.005)0.05430.7253 (0.5527 to 0.9519)0.0206*
 Stage/grade1.632 (1.418 to 1.879)8.74e-12***1.5703 (1.358 to 1.816)1.12e-09***Strata
Samples from ICR neutral cancer types (n=2272)
 ICR cluster (ICR low vs high)1.160 (0.983 to 1.369)0.07891.247 (1.017 to 1.530)0.034*1.23 (1.001 to 1.51)0.0485*
 Stage/grade1.944 (1.772 to 2.132)<2e-16***1.921 (1.751 to 2.108)†<2e-16***Strata
  • ICR cluster entered as categorical (factor) variable (factor levels: ‘ICR high’, ‘ICR low’). Stage is coded as stage I=1; stage II=2; stage III=3; stage IV=4. Histological grade was used for gliomas (LGG and GBM) instead of stage (LGG grade 2=2; LGG grade 3=3, grade 4 (GBM)=4). Only samples with all the variables available are included in the univariate and multivariate analyses.

  • *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001.

  • †Significant violation of proportional hazards assumption. HRs for death.

  • GBM, glioblastoma multiforme; ICR, immunological constant of rejection; LGG, lower grade glioma’s.