Table 2A

CD38 PBPs, expression levels (MFI) and pattern (CVIF) in T-ALL at diagnosis, MRD and relapse samples

SamplesDiagnosticMRD (MRD<5%)Refractory disease (MRD>5%)Relapse
Number of samples1881002435
Median 95% CI Median 95% CI Median 95% CI Median 95% CI
CD38 PBPs85.982.10 to 89.9174.058.87 to 83.8879.665.25 to 96.1185.274.48 to 93.01
MFI of CD38 in all gated blasts4.23.88 to 4.474.63.67 to 6.814.63.33 to 8.475.64.14 to 8.99
CVIF of CD38 in all gated blasts62.859.32 to 65.5566.462.28 to 72.3865.050.22 to 90.7361.858.43 to 68.02
  • CVIF, coefficient of variation of immunofluorescence; MFI, mean fluorescence intensity; MRD, minimal residual disease; PBPs, positive blasts percentages.