Table 1

Characteristics of newly diagnosed patients with T-ALL (n=188)

CharacteristicsPediatric (n=83)Adult (n=105)
Age (in years)
 Median9 years21 years
 Range1–15 years15–53 years
Male:female ratio4.29.5
WBC counts
Sample type
Blast % at diagnosis
Morphological (BM) remission status
 Available inn=80n=72
 Not in remission (refractory)10/80 (12.5%)14/72 (19.4%)
MRD positive status
 EOI-MRD: available inn=80n=72
 EOI-MRD: positive45/80 (56.3%)45/72 (62.5%)
 EOI-MRD levels
  Range0.01% to 66.3%0.01% to 72.6%
 EOC-MRD: available inn=52n=44
 EOC-MRD: positive15/52 (21.1%)19/44 (43.2%)
 EOC-MRD levels
  Range0.01% to 30.9%0.01% to 2.5%
  • BM, bone marrow; EOC, end of consolidation; EOI, end of induction; MRD, minimal residual disease; PB, peripheral blood; T-ALL, T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia; WBC, white blood cell.