Table 1

Affinity of mFcγRII variants for IgG subtypes

KD (M x10-6)
KD (M x10-6)
Aggregated hIgG0.130.15
Cetux hIgG14.385.42
Ritux hIgG12.503.18
Ritux hIgG24.824.65
Ritux mIgG12.252.02
Ritux mIgG2a2.432.63
  • Recombinant mFcγRII extracellular domains from SCID or NOD SCID mice were captured on a Biacore CM5 chip using an immobilized anti-HIS antibody. IgG of specific isotypes or heat aggregated, pooled hIgG was flowed over the chip and the KD value calculated using Biacore evaluation software.

  • FcγR, Fcγ receptors; NOD, non-obese diabetic; SCID, severe combined immunodeficient.