Table 1

Patient characteristics

IDSexAgeRai stageMutation statusALC (×109/L)%CD5+
CytogeneticsTP53 mutationTreatment
1 Male67IIMutated14993,2Del17p, trisomy 13, t(8;14)NDF, Chl
2 Male68IUnmutatedNA90Del13q14NDR-CHOP, F
3 Female55NDUnmutated46,697,2NDNDF, other lines unknown
4 Male42NDUnmutated28799,7Del11qNDChl
5 Male75IUnmutated12793Del13q14NDNo
6 Male65NDND162,897,8NDNDF, other lines unknown
7 Male76IIIUnmutated12091Del11qNDChl, CVP, F
8 Male81NAND13697Del13q14NDChl, F
9 Female630Polyclonal34,692,2NormalNDNo
10 Male59NAMutated15587,9Del17p, trisomy 12NDChl, R-CVP, FCR, R
11 Male70NAMutated322,6100Del13q14NDChl, FC,
12 Male27NAUnmutated160,593,8Del13q14, Del11q, loss 6qTP53 WTNo
13 Male600Mutated56,595,2NDNDNo
14 Male75IIND73,496,6Del13q14TP53 WTNo
15 Male52IUnmutated99,991,1Del17p, loss 5q, 5q, 6 p, 10q, 13q, 14q, 15q, 18 p, Gain 10q, 12q,NDFCR
16 Male70NAUnmutated42292,8Del17pNDChl, CVP, FCR
17 Female750ND28,592,9NDNDNo
18 Female71IMutated31,790,5NDNDNo
19 Female750Mutated43,494,1NDNDNo
20 Male77IIMutated68,495,2Del13q14TP53 WTNo
21 Male620Mutated80,192,1Del13q14TP53 WTNo
22 Female600Unmutated65,391,2Trisomy 12TP53 WTNo
23 Male75NAMutated84,191,8NDNDNo
24 Female73IMutated36,989,9NDNDNo
25 Female63IMutated110,392,6Del13q14, Trisomy 12NDNo
26 Male630Unmutated250,9197,6Del11qNDNo
27 Female51IIMutated122,7592,4Del13q14TP53 WTChl, Of
28 Female790Mutated83,893,5NDTP53 WTNo
29 Male67IVUnmutated333,796,8NormalTP53 WTNo
30 Female54IMutated91,890,99loss XTP53 WTNo
31 Male82NAUnmutated34,693,74NDNDNo
32 Male69IIUnmutated41,894,04Del13q14, Del11qTP53 WTNo
33 Male630ND44,691,3NDNDNo
34 Female730Mutated20,992,08Del13q14TP53 WTNo
35 Female91IND68,592,92NDNDNo
36 Female690Mutated58,5192,26Del13q14NDNo
37 Male66IMutated73,4191,98NormalNDNo
38 Female800Unmutated37,2990,23NDNDNo
39 Female86IMutated43,1495,36NDNDNo
40 Male770Mutated52,2992,97Del13q14, 14q32-rearrangementNDNo
41 Male700ND74,1197,29NDNDNo
42 Female670ND95,6994,07NDNDNo
43 Male82NDND83,6691,85NDNDNo
44 Male66NDND49,695,08NDNDNo
45 Female54NDMutated76,8494,52NDNDNo
46 Female71IIUnmutated125,5596,36Del13q14TP53 mutChl +R, Venetoclax (resistant)
47 Male80IND65,794Del13q14TP53 mutChl, Ibr (resistant)
48 Male61NDND76,6591,7Del17pNDR-CVP, FCR, Ibr (resistant)
49 Male66IIIND114,8296,39Del13q14, Del17pTP53 mutFCR
50 Male70NDUnmutated36,4887,57Del17p, Del11q, gain of 3p14,3p14,1, 11q24,2q25TP53 mutNo
  • Treatment indications were in accordance with IWCLL criteria. Patients with no treatments were in a steady state under a ‘watch and wait’ regimen. Deletion of 17 p was determined by CGH-array. TP53 mutations were determined by Sanger sequencing. Chemorefractory samples were defined according to IWCLL 2008 criteria and were marked as refractory when patients did not respond or relapsed ≤6 months after fludarabine treatment. Ibrutinib and venetoclax refractory samples were obtained from patients that had an IWCLL-defined progression under maintenance treatment with ibrutinib or venetoclax.

  • ALC, Absolute leukocyte count; Chl, chlorambucil; F, fludarabine; FCR, fludarabine, cyclophosphamide and rituximab; Ibr, ibrutinib; ND, not determined; Of, ofatumumab; R, rituximab; R-CHOP, rituximab cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisone; R-CVP, rituximab cyclophosphamide, vincristin and prednisone; WT, wild type.