Table 1

Main characteristics of the patients with initial tumor response and late progression on ICI

PatientGenderTobacco useAgeHistologyPD-L1 expression (%)Molecular addiction at diagnosisTNM stageMetastatic sites at ICI initiationNo of chemotherapy line before ICIBest response to previous treatment
#1MFS77.0AK0KRAS mutation4L2PD
#2FFS65.5AKNAKRAS mutation +G464V BRAF mutation4B, Li, A1SD
#3MFS69.1AK80G464V BRAF4Me, CL1PD
#4MS65.1AK25KRAS mutation4Me, P, A3SD
#5FS73.6AK5KRAS mutation +G469V BRAF mutation4Me, L, P, B, CNS1SD
#6MS43.5AKNAKRAS mutation4L, P1PR
#7MFS84.8AK50MET amplification3Me0
#8FS71.3AK50None4Me, L, CNS4SD
  • A, adrenal; AK, adenocarcinoma; B, bone; CL, cervical lymphadenopathies; CNS, central nervous system; F, female; FS, former smoker; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor; L, lung; Li, liver; M, male; Me, mediastinum; NA, not available; P, pleura; PD, progressive disease; PD-L1, programmed-death ligand-1; PR, partial response; S, smoker; SD, stable disease.