Table 1

Baseline characteristics

SexAge at diagnosis (years)Hormonal functionStage at diagnosisSites of metastatic disease at initiation of LEN/PEMGenetic findings
1M37NoIVLungs, liver, bonePTEN and CDKN2B mutations
2F22NoIIILungNo mutations
3F21YesIILung, liver, adrenal bedTP53 mutation (germline)
4M39NoIVLiver, lung, retroperitoneum, and boneNo mutations
5M44YesIVLungCDK4, MDM2, and CCND3 mutations
6M34YesIILung, abdomen, and liverCTNNB1 and TP53 mutation (germline)
7F41NoIIILung, abdomen, pelvis, and liverCTNNB1, ATRX, MUTYH, and RB1 mutations
8F49NoIILung, abdomen, and liverNo mutations
  • LEN, lenvatinib; PEM, pembrolizumab.