Table 2

Clinical response to TIL therapy in PD-1-naïve patients vs PD-1 progressors

No prior αPD-1Prior αPD-1±αCTLA-4
Response rate*42%32%
Median OS (months)19.614
Median PFS (months)3.92.8
DOR both CR and PR, median (months)32.27.6
# CR51
 DOR median (months)54.841‡
 DOR min (months)13.241‡
 DOR max (months)83.141‡
 DOR range (months)(13.2–83.1‡)(41‡)
# PR86
 DOR median (months)11.36.2
 DOR min (months)7.82.7
 DOR max (months)76.1‡28.6
 DOR range (months)(7.8–76.1‡)(2.7–28.6)
# Ongoing responses (CR/PR)5 (3/2)2 (1/1)
  • *One patient in each group was not evaluable for response.

  • †Duration of response.

  • ‡Ongoing response.

  • CR, complete response; DOR, duration of response; OS, overall survival; PD-1, programmed cell death protein 1; PFS, progression-free survival; PR, partial response; TIL, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes.