Table 4

Fold expansion of identified neoantigen-specific T cell responses in peripheral blood

Gene mutationPeak of neoantigen-specific T cell frequency in blood (months after TIL infusion)Minimal fold expansion compared with preinfusion at peak
Patient 3RBM12 S>L 6750
VARS T>M 98*
MYLK G>V 392*
LRP3 T>S Not detected in bloodNot applicable
WDR1 N>K 330*
Patient 4TTC37 A>V No expansion observed1
ENTPD4 P>L 317
MAB21L1 V>M Not detected in bloodNot applicable
Patient 8RAD51AP1-002 S>F 425
  • *Calculated using the detection limit of the assay for the preinfusion time point, which is 0.002% MHC multimer+ of total CD8+ T cells.

  • MHC, major histocompatibility complex; TIL, tumor infiltrating lymphocyte.