Table 2

Soluble programmed death-ligand 1 (sPD-L1) reduction and regeneration per exchange

% Reduction per exchange(n=44)
Mean (SD)70.8 (21.3)
Median (min, max)74.4
(−5.10, 100)
% Regeneration between exchanges (n=44)
Mean (SD)33.8 (84.1)
Median (min, max)45.5 (−429, 100)
Regeneration per cycle (pg/mL)
Mean (SD)1250 (3300)
Median (min, max)466 (−3.8k, 15.4k)
  • For each exchange not requiring FFP, percent sPD-L1 reduction and regeneration between each exchange is calculated. n=44.

  • FFP, fresh frozen plasma.