Table 4

Univariate analysis of tumor growth rate (TGR)

All lesions (n=37)Irradiated lesion (n=13)Non-irradiated lesions (n=24)
Progressive diseaseWilcoxon
p value
Progressive diseaseWilcoxon p valueProgressive diseaseWilcoxon p value
Sum of diameters prebaseline (mean)95.0095.500.9340.2541.000.5754.7554.501.00
Sum of diameters baseline (mean)98.38111.250.9341.1345.000.4457.2566.251.00
Sum of diameters at first evaluation (mean)60.00111.250.2824.0031.250.2736.0080.000.37
REF-TGR (mean)32.7540.690.3746.0424.140.7339.0371.280.55
Exp-TGR (mean)−39.37−0.220.073−37.57−29.390.93−45.7646.82 0.016
ΔTGR (mean)−72.12−40.910.81−83.61−53.540.93−84.79−24.460.46
  • TGR is evaluated in percentage per months. ΔTGR = (EXP-TGR) – (REF-TGR). A negative value corresponds to a slowdown of the tumor growth.