Table 3

Radiographic, pathologic and molecular response characteristics

Patient numberRadiographic response*Residual tumor (%)Pre-treatment PD-L1 (%)Normalized tumor mutation burdenDriver genes with sequence alterations
1PD1000344 KRAS, STK11
2PD†N/A1109 KRAS, KEAP1, STK11
3SD9010147 KRAS, STK11, TP53
5PR0 (pCR)75554 KRAS, STK11
6SD0 (pCR)95Undeterminable‡Undeterminable‡
7SD700914 TP53
8PDN/A078 BRAF, STK11, TP53
9SD203099 TP53
  • *All radiographic RECIST assessments were unconfirmed, as only one post-neoadjuvant treatment imaging assessment was made prior to surgical resection.

  • †Clear metastatic disease on PET imaging despite stable disease on RECIST response assessment of chest CT and thus coded as having “PD”.

  • ‡Pre-treatment tumor tissue for patient 6 was insufficient for whole exome sequencing and thus genomic assessments could not be performed.

  • N/A, not applicable; pCR, pathologic complete response; PD, progressive disease; PR, partial response; RECIST, response evaluation criteria in solid tumors; SD, stable disease.