Table 2

Clinical presentation, radiographic workup and endoscopic workup

CTCAE grade of diarrhea
 Grade 01712.32
 Grade 12215.94
 Grade 23223.19
 Grade 35842.03
 Grade 496.52
 Grade 500.00
Clinical suspicion of ICI enterocolitis12288.41
Contrast Administered
 Intravenous and oral6647.82
 Intravenous only5338.41
 Oral only96.52
 No contrast107.25
Time from last ICI dose to endoscopy (days)
Endoscopy type
 Flexible sigmoidoscopy6849.28
 Flexible sigmoidoscopy/EGD1712.32
Inflammation on endoscopy8057.97
  • CTCAE, Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events; EGD, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor.;