Table 1

Descriptive statistics for the severity (on a 0–10 rating scale) of the symptom items of the MDASI-Immunotherapy EPT at baseline and week 9 of treatment

Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
MDASI-Immunotherapy EPT itemBaselineMDASI-Immunotherapy EPT itemWeek 9
Fatigue3.7 (2.7)Pain3.6 (3.3)
Pain3.1 (3.3)Fatigue3.5 (2.5)
Disturbed sleep2.7 (2.7)Disturbed sleep2.6 (2.6)
Drowsiness2.5 (2.6)Drowsiness2.1 (2.1)
Distress/feeling upset2.2 (2.5)Pain in the abdomen2.1 (2.4)
Lack of appetite1.9 (2.6)Distress/feeling upset1.8 (2.1)
Dry mouth1.9 (2.6)Difficulty remembering1.9 (2.3)
Numbness/tingling2.0 (2.6)Numbness/tingling1.7 (2.0)
Pain in the abdomen2.0 (2.7)Dry mouth1.8 (2.5)
Sadness1.8 (2.3)Lack of appetite1.6 (2.1)
Difficulty remembering1.6 (2.1)Sadness1.5 (2.1)
Shortness of breath1.6 (2.2)Night sweats1.5 (2.2)
Nausea1.3 (2.5)Shortness of breath1.4 (2.0)
Diarrhea1.1 (2.3)Swelling of hands, legs, or feet1.3 (2.1)
Swelling of hands, legs, or feet1.1 (2.3)Headache1.0 (1.7)
Night sweats1.0 (2.0)Rash1.0 (2.0)
Vomiting0.7 (2.0)Diarrhea1.3 (2.1)
Headache0.9 (1.8)Nausea1.0 (1.7)
Rash0.9 (2.1)Fever and/or chills0.9 (1.9)
Fever and/or chills0.6 (1.5)Vomiting0.6 (1.5)
  • MDASI-Immunotherapy EPT, Immunotherapy for Early-Phase Trials module of the MD Anderson Symptom Inventory.