Table 3

Known-group validity of the MDASI-Immunotherapy EPT by ECOG PS at baseline and week 9

Patients with ECOG PS available, nMDASI-Immunotherapy EPT symptom severity score*MDASI-Immunotherapy EPT interference score†
ECOG PS=0, mean (SD)ECOG PS≥1, mean (SD)95% CIEffect sizeECOG PS=0, mean (SD)ECOG PS≥1, mean (SD)95% CIEffect size
Baseline1451.3 (2.0)1.8 (1.5)−1.40 to 0.50−0.452.1 (3.2)2.5 (2.2)−2.5 to 1.6−0.19
Week 9840.5 (0.7)1.7 (1.4)−2.60 to 0.08−0.960.8 (1.1)2.7 (2.3)−4.1 to 0.4−0.82
  • *The average of the 13 core and seven immunotherapy-specific symptom items.

  • †The average of the six interference items.

  • ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; MDASI-Immunotherapy EPT, Immunotherapy for Early-Phase Trials module of the MD Anderson Symptom Inventory; PS, performance status.