Table 3

Significant changes in immune subsets by flow cytometry

SubsetDirection of changePre (median)Post (median)P value>25% decrease (n)>25% increase (n)Total N
CD4 CTLA40.230.040.00678111
CD4 ICOS4.331.260.001011011
CD8 EM3.52.90.03228111
CD8 EM ki670.3950.120.0431506
Treg CD380.2750.0450.0313606
Treg CD49dneg0.430.160.04087111
Treg ICOS0.510.150.00209011
cDC Tim30.140.040.0108819
Non-classical monocyte1.2750.360.0313506
  • Eleven patients had immune subset data available presteroid and poststeroid initiation. Significant changes were defined by a p value <0.05, a median difference poststeroids versus presteroids >0.05% of PBMC and at least half of evaluated patients having a >25% change. The panels used for maturation/functional subset analyses were slightly different for the various immunotherapy trials, so certain subsets were not tested in all patients (n indicated for each).

  • cDC, conventional dendritic cells; EM, effector memory; ICOS, inducible T-cell co-stimulator; m, monocytic; MDSC, myeloid derived suppressor cells; Treg, regulatory T cells.