Table 2

Combination of low and non-toxic doses of docetaxel and therapeutic immunotherapy leads to the inhibition of prostate tumor recurrence and metastasis

BM-DC vaccineTumorLDDPrimary tumor recurrenceMetastasis developmentObservations
No V4Gal-3HIGH 7/87/8Steatosis
No V5Gal-3HIGH +4/71/7Splenomegaly+steatosis
VT1Gal-3LOW Gal-3HIGH 4/74/7Increased lymph node size
VT2Gal-3LOW Gal-3HIGH +1/70/7Increased lymph node size
  • Gal-3HIGH tumor-bearing mice underwent tumor resection surgery 4 days before receiving or not intraperitoneal injections of low and non-toxic doses of docetaxel (LDD: 0.83 mg/kg during 2 weeks, once a week), and then all tumor-resected mice were vaccinated with BM-DC-based vaccine loaded by Gal-3LOW-tumor cells lysate (TC1-shGal-3) or not as indicated. Observations were made after the sacrifice of the animals.

  • BM, bone marrow; DC, dendritic cells; Gal-3, galectin-3; LDD, low and non-toxic doses of docetaxel.