Table 1

Gal-3-silencing in prostate tumor cells by RNA interference or low/non-toxic doses of-docetaxel promotes vaccines' effectiveness

Lysate used in vaccineTumorNTumor incidence (%)Tumor free-survival (days)
No V1TC1-shGal-31465*81±43*
No V2TC1-shCtrl239239±11
No V3TC1-shCtrl/DTX108049±7
VP3TC1-shCtrl /DTXTC1-shGal-3100>275
VP4TC1-shCtrl /DTXTC1-shCtrl109073±35
VP5.2TC1-shGal-3TC1-shCtrl /DTX
  • Tumor-bearing mice were vaccinated with BM-DC based vaccine loaded with tumor cells lysate expressing different levels of Gal-3 (Gal-3HIGH-vaccine for TC1-shCtrl; or Gal-3LOW-vaccine for TC1-shGal-3 and TC1-shCtrl/DTX) as indicated. The treatments with low and non-toxic doses of docetaxel (DTX) correspond to a 1 nM dose in cultured cells during 2 weeks before processing into lysates or 0.83 mg/kg (intraperitoneal injection) during 2 weeks, once a week for treated mice.

  • *p<0.05.

  • BM, bone marrow; DC, dendritic cells; Gal-3, galectin-3; TC1, TRAMP-C1.