Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

All patients
IrAE recurrence
No irAE recurrence
P value
Median age, years (IQR)66(55–72)66(59–70)66(54–72)0.98
Male gender, n (%)110(61.1)47(67.1)63(57.3)0.19
Median BMI (IQR)24.4(21.8–26.9)26.0(21.9–27.7)23.8(21.6–26.6)–*
 Missing data, n (%)62(34.4)19(27.1)43(39.1)
Cancer type, n (%)0.12
 Lung cancer74(41.1)25(35.7)49(44.6)
 Renal cell carcinoma11(6.1)8(11.4)3(2.7)
 Missing data1(0.5)0(0.0)1(0.9)
Initial ICI type, n (%)0.44
Treatment line, n (%)–*
 Fourth line and over16(8.9)4(5.7)12(11.0)
 Missing data37(20.6)13(18.6)24(21.8)
Median time to first irAE, days (IQR)84(39–155)112(50–219)63(34–135)0.01
 Missing data, n (%)3(1.7)2(2.9)1(0.9)
Median time to first irAE, treatment cycle (IQR)4(2.0–9.0)5(2.0–10.0)4(2.0–7.5)0.27
 Missing data, n (%)13(7.2)7(10.0)6(5.5)
Grade of first irAE, n (%)0.40
Treatment of first irAE, n (%)
 Systemic corticosteroids98(54.4)42(60.0)56(50.9)0.10
 Other immunosuppressant add-on9(5.0)6(8.6)3(2.7)0.08
 Anti-TNF agent/vedolizumab5(2.8)4(5.7)1(0.9)
 Mycophenolate mofetil2(1.1)0(0.0)2(1.8)
 Missing data4(2.2)4(5.7)0(0.0)
Reason for ICI rechallenge, n (%)0.76
 Continued/maintenance therapy156(86.7)60(85.7)96(87.3)
Rechallenge of the same ICI or ICI combination, n (%)153(85.0)54(77.1)99(90.0)0.02
Median duration from ICI discontinuation to rechallenge, days (IQR)56(42–84)56(42–84)56(42–85)0.53
  • *More>20.0% missing data.

  • †Including urothelial cancer (n=3 (1.7%)), head and neck cancer (n=2 (1.1%)), cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (n=2 (1.1%)), glioblastoma (n=1 (0.5%)), Merkel cell carcinoma (n=1 (0.5%)) and colorectal cancer (n=1 (0.5%)).

  • BMI, body mass index; CTLA-4, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-4; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor; irAE, immune related adverse event; PD-1, programmed cell death 1; PDL-1, programmed cell death 1 ligand 1; TNF, tumor necrosis factor.