Table 2

Association between clinical characteristics (categorical variables) and fecal calprotectin concentration at IMDC onset (N=77)

Characteristicsn (%)FC concentration (μg/g), mean±SDP value*
Diarrhea CTCAE grade0.391
 1–225 (32)397±57
 3–452 (68)464±47
Colitis CTCAE grade0.509
 1–240 (52)419±51
 3–437 (48)468±54
Endoscopic presentation0.008
 Mucosal inflammation19 (25)641±71
 Non-ulcerative inflammation38 (49)438±54
 Normal20 (26)263±44
Histologic features0.025
 Acute active colitis14 (18)512±96
 Chronic active colitis44 (57)495±50
 Microscopic colitis19 (25)270±46
  • *Based on t-test for two-group comparison and one-way analysis of variance for three-group comparison.

  • CTCAE, Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events; FC, fecal calprotectin; IMDC, immune-mediated diarrhea and colitis.