Table 2

Symptoms, laboratory findings and treatments for COVID-19

All patients (n=110)Admitted (n=35)Died (n=18)
Median time between last ICI and COVID-19 diagnosis, days (range)26 (0–363)36 (0–363)17 (0–319)
Symptomatic at COVID-19 diagnosis
ECOG at COVID-19 diagnosis
Laboratory tests†
 WBC ≥10,000/mm313/79(16%)10/29(34%)3/15(20%)
 Lymphocytes <1500/mm336/77(47%)19/28(68%)11/14(79%)
 CRP ≥100 mg/L11/36(31%)11/26(42%)8/14(57%)
 Creatinine ≥133 µM10/78(13%)6/28(21%)3/14(21%)
Prednisone ≥10 mg equivalent15/110(14%)10/35(28%)4/18(22%)
Admission to hospital35/110(32%)-–-–16/18(89%)
Admission to intensive care unit7/110(6%)7/35(20%)4/18(22%)
Oxygen therapy22/108(20%)20/33(61%)12/16(75%)
Mechanical ventilation3/108(3%)3/33(9%)2/16(13%)
Use of antibiotics28/108(26%)24/33(73%)13/16(81%)
Use of antivirals7/107(7%)5/32(16%)5/16(31%)
Use of glucocorticoids10/107(9%)10/32(31%)3/16(19%)
Use of anti-IL6 agents2/108(2%)2/33(6%)2/16(13%)
Use of intravenous immunoglobulins1/108(1%)1/33(3%)0/16(0%)
Use of vasopressor support2/108(2%)2/33(6%)2/16(13%)
Use of renal replacement therapy1/108(1%)1/33(3%)0/16(0%)
ICI interrupted for COVID-19‡
 Yes76/104 (73%)24/32 (75%)13/17 (77%)
 No28/104 (27%)8/32 (25%)4/17 (23%)
ICI resumed§
 Yes43/76 (57%)4/24 (17%)2/13 (15%)
 No33/76 (43%)20/24 (83%)11/13 (85%)
  • *Not known for 2 patients.

  • †Within 3 days of COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • ‡Information on reason for interrupting ICI was not known for 6 patients.

  • §Number of patients who resumed ICI after discontinuing because of COVID-19.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibition; WBC, white blood cells.