Table 5

Univariate analysis of MIS variables after dichotomization*

VariableHR95% CICut-offP value
CD14+HLA-DRneg6.62362.6215 to 16.7361>3.80<0.0001
CD14+PD-L1+7.78743.0801 to 19.6893>4.50<0.0001
CD14+5.47632.7027 to 11.0960>16.60<0.0001
CD15+6.00042.8211 to 12.7637>1.87<0.0001
  • *MIS variables were dichotomized according to the indicated cut-offs, calculated as optimized on univariate analyses. The level of statistical significance was set at the conventional 5% two‑sided level.

  • MIS, myeloid index score.