Table 4

Univariate analyses of the MIS and other clinical variables

VariableHR95% CIP value
CD14+HLA-DRneg*1.58691.5321 to 1.6438<0.0001
CD14+PD-L1+*1.57111.4753 to 1.6731<0.0001
CD14+*3.71353.3118 to 4.1640<0.0001
CD15+*1.21161.1853 to 1.2386<0.0001
MIS (>0 vs 0)8.32817.0773 to 9.7999<0.0001
NLR*1.72751.6127 to 1.8506<0.0001
Tumor burden (high vs low)2.19281.8942 to 2.5385<0.0001
ANC*1.43571.3575 to 1.5185<0.0001
log(LDH)*2.06131.8610 to 2.2832<0.0001
WBC*1.45241.3680 to 1.5420<0.0001
Stage (M1c vs others)1.83261.5744 to 2.1331<0.0001
Pretreatment (Yes vs No)1.24721.0717 to 1.45150.0043
BRAF mutation (Yes vs No)1.24441.0777 to 1.43690.0029
Age*1.13921.0043 to 1.29220.0427
LMR*0.65900.4800 to 0.90480.0099
AMC*1.49941.1720 to 1.91820.0013
Therapy (ICI vs BRAFi/MEKi)1.13960.9842 to 1.31960.0805
Gender (M vs F)0.77490.6706 to 0.89530.0005
  • *Continuous variables, evaluated as contrast of the fourth versus the first quartile of the variable distribution.

  • AMC, absolute monocyte count; ANC, absolute neutrophil count; BRAFi, BRAF inhibitor; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor; LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; LMR, lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio; MEKi, MEK inhibitor; MIS, myeloid index score; NLR, neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio; WBC, white blood cells.