Table 6

Tumor therapies used before, during or after therapy with talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC)

Therapies before, during or after treatment with T-VEC
Before T-VEC
43 (48.9%)
During T-VEC
11 (12.5%)
After T-VEC
33 (37.5%)
PD-1 inhibitors12 (13.6%)T-VEC +PD-1 Inhibitors10 (11.4%)PD-1 Inhibitors16 (18.2%)
Interferon adjuvant10 (11.4%)T-VEC +CTLA4 Inhibitors1 (1.1%)BRAF/MEK Inhibitors8 (9.2%)
BRAF/MEK inhibitors5 (5.7%)PD-1 and CTLA4 Inhibitors4 (4.5%)
Radiation3 (3.4%)Electrochemotherapy2 (2.3%)
Electrochemotherapy3 (3.4%)Chemotherapy1 (1.1%)
Local therapy/Imiquimod1 (1.1%)CTLA-4 Inhibitor2 (2.3%)
Yes, therapy unknown9 (10.2%)