Table 1

Registries and series of COVID-19 cases in patients with thoracic malignancy

Author or group (if applicable)LocationStudy characteristicsTotal number of patients with thoracic malignanciesMortality rateOutcomes of patients with lung cancer
Tian et al19ChinaRetrospective analysis
13 077 total patients with COVID-19.
23 patients with lung cancer.39% (9/23)Severe clinical outcome: 18/23 (78%).
Dai et al20China (Hubei)Multicenter study of 14 hospitals.
641 COVID-19 positive patients, of which 105 with cancer.
22 patients with lung cancer.18% (4/22)
  • ICU admission rate: 27% (6/22).

  • Severe/critical symptoms: 50% (11/22).

  • Risk of mechanical ventilation: 18.1% (4/22).

Rugge et al21Italy (Veneto)Regional cancer registry
9275 patients with COVID-19, of which 723 with cancer.
21 patients with lung cancer.24% (5/21)
  • Hospitalization rate: 62% (13/21).

  • Low ICU admission rate 5% (1/21).

  • Lung cancer was associated with a fourfold risk of death from SARS-CoV-2.

de Joode et al22; Dutch Oncology COVID-19 ConsortiumThe NetherlandsObservational cohort study of cancer patients with COVID-19
409 total subjects.
47 NSCLC patients.47% (22/47)
Lee et al23;
UKObservational cohort study including
1044 cancer patients with COVID-19.
111 patients with lung cancer.39% (43/111)Multivariable-adjusted case fatality rate not significantly different than the remainder of cancer patients: OR 1.41 (95% CI 0.75 to 2.67; p=0.29).
Various authors5 24–26; CCC-19Multicenter, primarily USA basedCohort study of patients with COVID-19 who have cancer.237 patients with lung cancer (based on interim 2749 patient analysis).2426% (61/237)Significantly higher mortality rate than the 16% (433/2749) for all patients with cancer.
Luo et al27;
New York, USAMonoistitutional series of patients with lung cancer and concomitant positive SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR.102 patients with lung cancer.25% (25/102)
  • Hospitalization rate: 62% (63/102).

  • ICU admission: 21% (21/101).

  • Risk of mechanical ventilation: 18% (18/100).

Various authors28–30; TERAVOLTMulticenter, internationalCross-sectional and longitudinal cohort study of thoracic malignancy patients diagnosed with COVID-19.1012 patients with thoracic malignancies.32% (326/1012)
  • Hospitalization rate: 72% (733/1012).

  • ICU admission: 12% (118/1012).

  • Mechanical ventilation, both tube assisted and non-invasive: 25% (248/1012).

  • CCC-19, COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium; ICU, intensive care unit; MSKCC, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; TERAVOLT, Thoracic canceERs international COVID-19 cOLlaboraTion; UKCCMP, UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Project.