Table 1

MAGE-A4-derived HLA-A*02:01-restricted candidate epitopes

PeptideLength (aa)Predicted affinityComment
KVLEHVVRV916.7100% sequence match to MAGE-A8
ALLEEEEGV923.4Peptide tested (figure 1D)
MIFGIDVKEV1040.6Peptide tested (figure 1D)
FLWGPRALA946.4100% sequence match to MAGE-A1/8
ALAETSYVKV1049.2100% sequence match to MAGE-A1/8
KVDELAHFL960.7Peptide tested (figure 1D)
ALSNKVDEL9125.1Peptide tested (figure 1D)
SLKMIFGIDV10163.5Peptide tested (figure 1D)
GVYDGREHTV101751.8Peptide tested (figure 1D); multimer sort
  • Sequences of listed epitopes are selected based on predicted binding affinity in nanometers toward HLA-A2 based on NetMHC data34 35 and previously reported experimental data.