Table 4

Multivariate regression results for incidence of hospitalization

VariableEstimateSEStatisticP valueOROR SE
Patient characteristics
 Male gender−0.020.03−0.710.480.980.07
 Charlson Comorbidity Index (excluding cancer)<0.0011.060.02
Immune checkpoint inhibitor use
 CTLA4 therapy0.850.0810.81<0.0012.340.04
 Combination ICI therapy0.530.077.55<0.0011.70.03
Underlying conditions
 Other cancer−0.080.05−1.590.110.930.06
 Renal cell carcinoma−0.280.06−4.75<0.0010.750.07
Regional information
 Zip code average income (normalized)
 Zip code average unemployment (normalized)
 East South Central
 New England−0.160.09−
 South Atlantic−0.270.06−4.89<0.0010.760.07
 West North Central−0.190.1−1.870.060.830.04
 West South Central−0.190.06−2.96<0.010.830.05
  • Note: reference group is female patients on programmed cell death protein 1 or programmed death-ligand 1 therapy with lung cancer in East North Central Region.

  • Other cancers include: bladder cancer, colon cancer, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Hodgkin’s lymphoma, gastric cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, and Merkel cell carcinoma.

  • CTLA4, cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated 4; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor.