Table 3

Response details in patients evaluable by irRC

Patient IDTotal lesions (n)Lesion(s) injected (n)/type of lesion injectedPresence of visceral lesion(s)Response in injected lesion(s)/pathResponse in non-injected lesions/path/lesion type
843/palpable lymph nodesNoirPRirPR/path not assessed/regional dermal metastases
9>103/subcutaneous in-transit metastasesNoirPR/pCRirPR/pCR/subcutaneous in-transit metastases
1121*/palpable lymph nodeNoirPRirPR/path not assessed/regional dermal metastasis
12>101*/subcutaneous in-transit metastasisNoirSD/pCRirSD/pCR/subcutaneous in-transit metastases
  • *3 injections into the same lesion.

  • irPR, immune-related response criteria-confirmed partial response; irRC, immune-related response criteria; irSD, immune-related response criteria-confirmed stable disease; path, pathological evaluation; pCR, pathological complete response.